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hero blast kidsNew England’s Best Hero Blast Birthday Party! Why is Rolling Video Games of New England the best kids party idea?
The amazing…

Hero Blast!

All the fun of laser tag….without using a gun! Everybody goes home happy…and Mom and Dad are thrilled!

Are you looking for unique kids’ birthday party ideas? Tired of booking those expensive laser tag and paintball places or bowling alleys? Look no further…The best laser tag place in Connecticut comes to you!

You get all the fun and excitement of laser tag and being a super hero combined into one, without having to deal with other parties or people at laser tag centers. Rolling Video Games of New England is completely mobile, so we come to you! Imagine how the faces will light up when they see the light up vest, mask and super hero capes that they will be able to wear. We set up the complete course at the location you pick out. Your birthday boy or girl will be the envy of all their friends!


You even get to choose the kind of hero they want to be:

TITAN: Has a mega blast that instantly eliminates when fired at full charge.
COMMANDO: Uses a rapid fire blaster to spray the battlefield with destruction.
MEDIC: Can heal teammates or other players who are low on health.

Each unit also vibrates when you are shooting it, and when you get shot.

mobile laser tagWe can even set up indoors! Conference rooms, gymnasiums…or outdoors in the woods, an open field, a park…even at the beach! So put away the pinatas and baby games…get creative with your Connecticut Laser Tag Birthday Party ideas! We’ve designed this extreme sport for ages 5 and up. Unlike traditional laser tag, we’re the party that comes to your home or location. That means you don’t share the facility with others…and there’s no worry of car-pooling or other parents traveling!

A BLAST for kids and adults, boys and girls alike!

Because we can utilize a unique “rotation” system, everybody gets to play. Each game lasts 5-6 minutes on average…then other guests rotate onto the playing field.  Averaging five to six games per hour, a two-hour party can yield ten to twelve games.  Your guests will play again and  again!

Our Hero Blast Parties include:
  • An Awesome light up medallion for the Birthday Boy or Girl
  • 10 Hero Blast Units, a mask, and a cape (More can be added for a small fee.)
  • A Choice of What Kind of Super Hero to be: Titan, Commando, or Medic
  • Pop-Up Barriers in varying shapes and sizes (for shielding from the “enemy”)
  • A Game Coach who runs the Hero Blast games and gets everybody involved
  • All Set-Up, Tear-Down and Cleanup!
  • E-Invite Invitations to send to your lucky guests!



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