Goodie Bags

Our New Goodie Bags will blow your guests away!

candygoodie bags

Each “Goodie Bag” includes:

​A 16 ounce Drink Cup with our logo
4 Novelty Toys
​8 Pieces of Candy
One Brightly-Colored Pencil with our logo
Two Balloons with our logo
​Only $4 each – Let us handle the party! You relax!

​Don’t worry! We always carry extra Goodie Bags in our Mobile Game Theater! No need to stress over ordering the exact amount.We can always add a few more at reasonable cost, if additional guests arrive!

goodie bags

Goodie Bags with your Favorite Candy

​With our custom-designed Goodie Bags,your party is even easier! Thrill the kids at your birthday celebration with these awesome packages!